Online Store & Refills

Here at Healthy Pet Veterinary Hospital, we are always looking for ways to improve health care for your pet while making it more convenient for you. Please read the following questions and answers to learn more about our Online Store & Refills.

Why should I purchase products from my veterinarian’s online store?
We know and care about your pet. We also know your pet’s medical history. We can select the product that is best for your pet while watching out for side effects and interactions. We can also provide instructions on how to use a product properly.

Are the products offered online the same as offered in the hospital?
Yes. As a veterinary practice, we have control over what products our store sells. The FDA has found other companies that sell unapproved, counterfeit or even expired products online. Companies that offer certain products without a prescription (and without veterinary oversight) are a huge red flag.

What about price and home delivery?
We understand the busy lifestyle of our clients today. We offer all the same products at competitive prices with home delivery like other “big box” online stores. But, unlike those stores, we are committed to making the right medication choice for you and your best friend.

Is using the online store easy?
Yes. Our store operates just like other online stores. Sign in, select which product you need and check out. Just a few clicks and your order is on its way!

How do I sign up?
If you already have a Pet Portal for your companion, sign in to it from the button located near the bottom of the welcome page of this website. Once you are in your Pet Portal, click on the “Shop” button to access the store. Use a browser other than Internet Explorer as some parts of the store are not compatible. We use Mozilla Firefox. If you do not have a Pet Portal, contact us and we can can get you started with this great tool as well.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Online Store & Refills. We hope you enjoy this service!

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