Nutrition & Weight Management

Did you know that the decisions you make with regard to what you feed your pet can have a serious impact on his or her overall length and quality of life? Not all pet food is created equal, and if you’re not feeding your animal companion the right things, in the proper quantity and with the correct frequency, your animal companion may be missing out on the healthy life they deserve. At Healthy Pet Veterinary Hospital, we are experienced in all areas of animal nutrition and can help get your pet on the right path to a lifetime of good health.

We’ll start by conducting a thorough analysis to determine what your pet’s dietary needs are, based on such things as age, breed, lifestyle, current health and the existence of any diseases or other medical conditions. Once we have this information, we can then develop a comprehensive nutritional profile that is specifically tailored to suit your pet’s individual needs. This profile will provide you with detailed information on what type of diet would be best to help your pet achieve optimum health.

In addition to what your pet eats, exercise should also play an important role in his or her daily routine. Even pets that are older or suffer from medical conditions can and should participate in physical activity, albeit somewhat modified. We will work with you to determine your pet’s ideal weight, and develop and implement an exercise program that is perfect for your pet and will help keep them fit and healthy throughout their lifetime.

Poor nutrition and excess weight can place your pet at a much greater risk of developing a variety of chronic, degenerative and sometimes even life threatening diseases such as arthritis or diabetes. Provide your pet with the nutritional balance and active lifestyle he or she needs to bring out their very best by enlisting us as your veterinary partner for life.

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