Super Cute Ways to Pamper Your Cat

Do you have a kitty? If so, we’re guessing that your feline friend probably has it pretty easy. Fluffy likely spends her days napping, sunbathing, grooming herself, and eating. While good food, comfy beds, love, and proper veterinary care will keep your furball purring, there are some things you can do to really make your cat happy. A Highland, MI veterinarian discusses some adorable ways to pamper your cat in this article.

Window Seat

Most cats love birdwatching. Fluffy may only ‘hunt’ catnip mice and the occasional crumpled-up ball of paper, but she hasn’t completely forgotten her hunting instincts. Give your furball a comfy window seat where she can sunbathe and watch birds and squirrels. To make this even more fun for your feline pal, put a bird feeder in her line of sight.


Did you know that there are now DVDs made just for kitties to watch? Some of our feline friends truly enjoy watching shows about birds, squirrels, and other small animals. Results may vary.

Robotic Mice

You can now get Fluffy a robotic mouse that will react to her movements. These cute little toys can definitely keep your furbaby amused!

Beds, Beds, and More Beds

It’s no secret that Fluffy loves her naps. Offer your kitty several beds to choose from. You can of course buy your furball’s beds, but you can also make them by recycling a soft sweater, or even folding a soft blanket and putting it on a chair or in a wicker basket.


Cats love being in small, secure places. You might know exactly where your feline friend is, but she’ll still have fun hiding, and perhaps dashing out at you playfully. Kitty tents and condos are almost always a big hit with our feline friends. Of course, you can always keep it simple and just give Fluffy a few empty boxes!

Daily Play Sessions

The best way to spoil your pet is to pay lots of attention to her. Taking time to play with and pet your cat every day will benefit her both physically and mentally. Don’t be surprised if your furball thanks you by hopping into your lap for some cuddles!

Is your cat due for an examination? Please contact us, your Highland, MI animal clinic, for all of your feline friend’s veterinary care needs. We are always here to help!

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