6 Things to Do With Your Dog in 2016

Happy New Year! As you start out a brand new year, you may very well be setting goals and making a little bucket list for things you want to do or achieve over the next twelve months. Why not incorporate Fido into your resolutions? After all, dogs can also benefit from learning, growing, and just having fun. In this article, a Highland, MI vet, suggests some ways to keep that furry tail wagging in 2016.

Pamper Your Pet

Is your pooch in his golden years? Many dogs develop painful ailments, such as arthritis, in their senior years. Look into therapeutic treatments that can help ease your pet’s pain, such as massages or supervised warm-water swims. Younger pups, on the other hand, may prefer a fun trip to a doggy café.


Education is good for us, and it’s great for dogs, too! If your canine pal doesn’t know the five basic commands of good doggy obedience, which are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, take time to show him these crucial commands. If Fido has these basics down pat, try teaching him some cute tricks, or show him some more advanced commands.


Man’s Best Friend loves taking in new places, sights, and, of course, smells. Take Fido to a doggy park, or go hiking with your canine pal. Just remember to check with your vet first, and get some advice on what your four-legged adventurer should and shouldn’t do.


Take time to play with your furry best friend. Indulge Fido with games of fetch or long walks, or play tag with him. You’re the center of your pet’s world: make him the center of yours sometimes. It will be great for both of you!

Visit The Vet

Is your four-legged pal overdue for shots or an exam? Does Fido need microchipping, or spay/neuter surgery? If so, let this serve as a reminder to set an appointment. Make sure to bring your canine buddy to the vet at least once a year.


Carve out some time just to relax with Fido. Give your pooch belly rubs or back scratches, and just talk to him. These special moments with pets can be very beautiful!

Happy New Year! Please contact us, your Highland, MI, for all of your dog’s veterinary care needs in 2016 and beyond. We will be here!

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