DIY Holiday Gifts for Bunnies

Are you planning to get your pet rabbit some gifts this year? While it may be easy to find tons of great gift options for dogs and cats, shopping for a bunny may be a bit trickier. Of course, if you’re a crafty type, or just like to save money, you may prefer making gifts for your friends and family members. We can help! In this article from a Highland, MI veterinarian, you’ll read about some great DIY gift ideas for bunnies.

Cardboard Toys

There are lots of ways to make cardboard items into fun bunny toys. The tubes from toilet paper or paper-towel rolls can be turned into lots of cute playthings. You can cut them into rings and reassemble them as balls, or cut the top off a tissue box and stuff several tubes into it. Or, just fill one with Timothy hay. Look online for more adorable options.

Bunny Palace

Use empty boxes to make a little palace for your furry pal. Just be sure to remove any staples or tape, in case your pet tries to eat her castle. You can also use paper mache to make Floppy a little bunny home. Play it safe: make the mache out of plain tissue paper, flour, and water, over a cardboard base.

Hopstacle Course

Use ottomans, storage containers, boxes, and other small items to make Floppy her own obstacle course. Just don’t build it too high!

Foraging Toys

Incorporate some treats into Floppy’s playtime. Hide a yummy snack in a crumpled up-wad of paper, or beneath a pile of shredded copy paper. Or just use clothespins to hang leafy greens from a piece of twine tied between chairs. The options are endless!


Bunnies must chew to keep their teeth from becoming too long. Offer your rabbit safe, suitable toys made out of wood, wicker, or straw. Be sure to choose safe woods, such as apple, and clean and disinfect them before handing them over. Avoid anything coated with varnish, stain, or dye, as well as items decorated with glitter, buttons, or other ornamentation. You’ll also want to avoid giving Floppy anything made from pine or cedar, as these are toxic to small animals.

Happy Holidays! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns about bunny health or care. As your Highland, MI pet clinic, we are here to help!

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