Cold Weather Care for Cats

Are you ready for winter? It’s definitely on the way! As the temperatures drop, you’ll want to take a few extra precautions to keep your kitty warm, healthy, and happy this winter. In this article, a Highland, MI veterinarian offers advice on caring for cats in winter.

Comfy Bed

As you have probably noticed, cats love to find warm, comfy spots to snuggle up in for naps. Provide your furball with plenty of cozy sleeping places. Kitty beds are of course always a great option, but you can also fold up a soft blanket and put it on the couch or chair. Cats love napping in sunbeams, so offer your furry pal at least one good sunbathing spot. If Fluffy is a senior, she may appreciate a heated pet bed.


Dead fur and tangles can decrease the warming properties of your cat’s pretty fur coat. Brush Fluffy regularly to keep her coat smooth and shiny and help her stay warm.

Outdoor Access

Fluffy may try to convince you to let her go outside, but she will be much safer and healthier as an indoor kitty. If you do let your kitty out, however, limit her outdoor time and provide a shelter for her, in case she is ever caught in bad weather. You can use a plastic storage tote: just cut a kitty-sized hole in the side and add a few blankets. You’ll also want to check Fluffy regularly for signs of frostbite. Look for pale, glossy skin, particularly on your kitty’s paw pads, ears, and tail. Last but not least, before starting your vehicle, always check your wheel wells and knock on your hood, as stray cats often seek warmth near cars.


Antifreeze is a major hazard for cats. It’s extremely toxic to them, but unfortunately has a taste that many kitties love. Clean any spills up immediately, and use sand or kitty litter to cover damp stains.


The garage or basement may seem like a great spot for a litterbox, but don’t put Fluffy’s facilities in a cold or drafty spot. No one likes a cold bathroom!

Parasite Control

Be sure to keep up on Fluffy’s parasite control products! This will protect your furry buddy from heat-seeking fleas and ticks.

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