How to Convince Your Cat to Stay Indoors

Have you decided to keep your kitty indoors? If so, we applaud you! Kitties that go outdoors have a much higher risk of being lost, injured, or even killed. Your feline friend is definitely much safer inside, and she’ll be healthier as well! Fluffy, however, may not agree with your decision, especially at first. She might meow, plead, and try to cajole you into letting her out, or even try to run out through an open door. In this article, a local Highland veterinarian offers some helpful tips on convincing your furball to stay in.

Bring The Outside In

If your furry buddy can observe the birds and squirrels from inside, she may not be so determined to get outdoors. If you have a patio, consider making it a ‘catio’ by adding a multi-storied cat tower and kitty-safe plants. This way, Fluffy can watch everything that is going on in the yard from a safe vantage. You can even pamper your furball by growing fresh catnip and cat grass. If you don’t have a patio, just make sure your kitty has a place where she can relax and look out the window. Kitty window perches are a great option for this. You can also just position a chair or sofa so she has a comfy spot where she can see outside.

Provide Ample Entertainment

Make sure your furry little adventurer has plenty of toys and playthings to keep her amused. Engage your kitty in interactive play by using toys like laser pointer or feather wands. This will catch Fluffy’s attention and get her moving, and possibly keep her interest a bit longer, which will help burn off excess energy. Lots of play may result in a tired, sleepy kitty, rather than one who is scratching at the door.

The Door Is On Your Side

The next time Fluffy starts meowing, sniffing, or scratching at the door, try squirting her with a water bottle. Most cats absolutely despise getting wet, and Fluffy will probably run for cover. You can also sound a bike horn, bang a pot and pan together, or rattle a jar of change. The loud noises will startle your kitty and make her wary of the door, but they won’t hurt her.

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