Dental Care Tips for Puppies

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Fido’s ‘puppyhood’ is a crucial time for many reasons. During his first year of life, he’ll form opinions about the world, shape his personality, and learn how to interact with people and other dogs. Your dog’s dental care is very important to his overall health, so you’ll want to start taking care of your puppy’s teeth while he’s still young. In this article, your local Highland vet lists some tips for taking care of your dog’s mouth.


Puppies get their first set of choppers, known as their deciduous teeth, between two and three months of age. These are replaced by adult teeth within a few months. Keep a close eye on your furry pal’s teeth during the first year. Sometimes the teething process doesn’t go smoothly, and you may need to enlist your vet’s help.


While your puppy is teething, he’ll want to chew constantly. This is a great time to teach him proper chewing habits. Provide your canine buddy with appropriate chew toys, and make sure to keep your belongings out of the little one’s reach. Be careful not to give your canine furbaby hard chew toys, as these may be too tough for his baby teeth. Knucklebones, for instance, should be kept away from baby Fido until he’s older.

Dry Kibble

Dry kibble and dental treats are both good options for your pup’s dental health. Dental care formula pet foods and treats are made to help remove plaque and reduce tartar. Ask your vet to recommend a time frame when your furry buddy is ready for these things.


Brushing Fido’s teeth is probably the single most important thing you can do for his oral health. Take the time to train your canine buddy to accept the toothbrush while he is little. Start by handling his teeth, lips, and gums. If he flinches when you reach for his mouth, then incorporate the little guy’s dental training into regular cuddle time. It may also help to coat your fingers in something he’ll like, such as gravy. Make sure to only use products that are made for pets’ teeth, as human toothpaste is toxic to dogs.

Do you have any questions about caring for your dog’s teeth? Please contact us if we can be of assistance. As your local Highland vet clinic, we are here to help!

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