Setting Up a Rabbit Cage

Rabbits are super cute and endearing, and these playful little furballs make great pets. Your new furball is sure to brighten up your days! Bunnies are generally fairly easy to take care of, though they do have some very specific requirements. A good part of how happy your new pet is in your home depends on how well his habitat is set up. In this article, your local vet Highland offers some tips for setting up your bunny’s home.

Picking The Cage

Bunnies need lots of room to hop, run, stretch out, and play. There are several options for bunny homes. A large playpen or dog corral is one good choice, and also has the benefit of being easy to move. You can also buy or build a bunny condo, or get a normal rabbit cage. No matter what option you pick, make sure Peter’s home is at least 12 square feet. Choose a good substrate or matting to make it more comfortable and sanitary.


Your little pet will be much happier if he has toys to keep him occupied. Peter loves toys that can be pushed or rolled. Little balls, bells, and even toy cars are a few good options. Avoid giving your pet plastic toys, as he might chew on it and swallow some.

Chew Toys

Rabbit teeth never stop growing. Your bunny will need plenty of safe things to chew on to keep his teeth from getting too long. Toys made of untreated wood, wicker, or straw are great options for bunnies. You can also get Peter chew sticks from pet stores. Another easy option is to give him cardboard, such as toilet paper rolls. Stuff them with herbs to make them even more fun!

Hidey Hole

You can purchase a hidey-hole, or make one out of a wooden or cardboard box. Either way, Peter will be much happier with a little house of his own to go to when he wants to sleep or just relax in private.

Litter Box

One great thing about bunnies is that they can be trained to use a litter box. Just avoid clumping kitty litters, as well as those made from pine or cedar, as these can be dangerous for Peter!

Do you have any questions about caring for your pet rabbit? Please contact us, your local vet clinic Highland, any time.

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