Small Reptile Pets Have Their Own Quirky Appeal

You’re a happy dog and cat owner with years of furry pet experiences under your belt. You’ve gone out for hundreds of potty walks, changed dozens of litter boxes, and shared your couch and bed with lots of furry family members. Now you’re ready to add a different kind of animal to your miniature menagerie: a small reptile pet. While small reptiles certainly look different, and maintain a very distinctive lifestyle, they have their own unconventional appeal. Once you decide on the reptile pet that suits you best, you’ll take your scaly family member to your Highland veterinarian for a complete new patient exam.

Small, Self-Contained Habitat

While living in a small house or apartment can be economical, it might be tough to find space for an active dog who needs room to move around. Although cats are a bit more compact, you’d still need space for a comfy cat bed and litter box. In contrast, a small lizard or snake resides in his own self-contained habitat, often a spacious aquarium you can tuck into a small corner of your home.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Perhaps your work schedule doesn’t allow you to get home for several potty walks a day; or maybe your stomach just can’t handle those unappealing litter box changes. You’re in luck with a reptile pet, as he’ll happily live in a comfy habitat that meets all his needs. Chances are, your reptile pet will only need a couple of feedings each week. Even better, he’ll generate only a small amount of waste products, making your regular cleanup chores much easier.

Banish the Fur-Related Allergies

If you’ve battled pet allergies even while owning furry pets, or if your allergies have prevented you from getting near a dog or cat, a small reptile pet might solve your problem. Since small reptiles are generally covered with scales instead of fur, you’ll avoid that flying fur and dander problem that goes along with canine and feline pets.

Once you decide on your reptile pet, and research his habitat needs, make his environment as realistic as possible. Ask your Highland vet how to provide a first-class rain forest or desert habitat, and a species-appropriate diet, that gives your reptile everything he needs to thrive.

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