Common Pocket Pet Medical Conditions

Your hamster Milo seems like the picture of health. This charming little character provides you with endless entertainment as he scurries around his cage like a wind-up toy. Milo eats a nutrient-rich diet, and his hair coat shines from daily grooming. Even better, Milo’s gastrointestinal system seems to hum like a well-oiled machine. While Milo has been healthy ever since he joined your family, he can easily develop an infection or other medical condition. Fortunately, your Milford veterinarian gives Milo regular checkups that will quickly uncover health problems that require treatment.

Respiratory Ailments

If Milo starts to sneeze a lot, and seems to have difficulty catching his breath, he might have developed a respiratory problem. You might also see some reddish-looking liquid leaking from Milo’s eyes, along with some nasal discharge.

Liquid Deposits

Milo loves to eat, and he scarfs down every bit of food you give him. He shows his appreciation by leaving nicely formed fecal deposits everywhere. While you’re not especially happy to clean them up, you’re happy that Milo doesn’t have diarrhea. If he develops this evil condition, get him to your vet quickly, as you don’t want your little guy to suffer the effects of dehydration.

External Parasites

Milo keeps his coat extremely clean; in fact, he’s almost obsessive about grooming himself daily. Even though Milo’s a real neat freak, he’ll likely pick up some external parasites somewhere along the line. Since you keep close tabs on Milo’s appearance, you’ll notice that he’s lost some hair and he’s been scratching quite a bit. You might even see some undesirable lice marching through Milo’s hair coat. Once you get over your revulsion, pack Milo off to the vet’s exam room for a quick diagnosis and treatment. No matter which external parasite has attacked Milo, your vet has a targeted medication that can eradicate the pest.

Dental Maladies

Hamsters and other pocket pets have their share of dental problems, too. While Milo’s eating fine today, if he becomes indifferent to his food or is losing weight, he might have badly aligned choppers. Once your vet trims Milo’s teeth so they fit into their natural positions, Milo’s hearty appetite will return.

Tumor Problems

Milo and his pocket pet cousins can often develop tumors somewhere on their bodies. Rats and mice, especially older pets, appear to be at highest risk. If you see a suspicious growth or lump on Milo, get him to the vet for an immediate diagnosis.

While Milo has his share of health problems, your Milford vet will provide your hamster with excellent care so your pet can enjoy life with your family.

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