Making Senior Pets More Comfortable

If your dog or cat is entering her golden years, she’s probably starting to move a little slower. Do you ever wish you could make her a bit more comfortable around the house? Use these tips from a Milford veterinarian to do just that.

Help with Grooming

Many older pets can’t twist and turn the way they used to, making self-grooming much harder. This is especially true for cats, who are known for their grooming routines. Give your pet a hand and help her groom at home. Purchase a pet-specific hair brush to untangle fur, remove loose or dead hair, and spread essential skin oils through the coat.

Modify Your Home

If you have the materials, try building small ramps for your pet. Set these up around the home to help her get up on furniture or up the staircase. You can also purchase pet ramps from most pet supply shops. Do you have slippery floors in your home, perhaps made of tile or wood? Try adding a small carpet strip to these surfaces if your pet regularly walks over them. It will help her retain her footing.

Raise Dishes

Bending over to eat or drink from dishes can be, well… a pain in the neck for an older pet! This is especially true for pets who are suffering from the joint pain caused by arthritis. It can be incredibly helpful to simply raise food and water dishes by putting them on a raised platform. An old shoebox would even work. This way, your pet can keep her head at an almost even level when eating and drinking.

Update the Bed

Has your pet been sleeping on the same pet bed for many years? It may be time to update it. Older pets will love lying down on a soft, warm bed at the end of the day. Outfit it with warm blankets to make things extra cozy. Some pets may even benefit from a therapeutic or orthopedic bed designed to sooth aching joints and muscles. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Remember that regular veterinary visits are especially important as your pet enters her senior years. Set up an appointment at your Milford veterinary clinic today!

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