Stop Your Cat From Spraying in the House

Your cat Oscar has been spraying in the house. No, he’s not waltzing around with a little water bottle, spritzing your house plants. Oscar is urinating outside his litter box, and from a standing position, too. He’s vertically shooting a stream of ill-smelling yellow liquid onto your walls, floors, and furniture. There really is no smell like aging cat urine. Tomorrow, you’ll see your Brighton veterinarian so he can determine if there’s a medical reason behind Oscar’s marking behavior.


Neuter or Spay

First, get Oscar neutered if you haven’t already done that. Neutering will decrease Oscar’s sex hormones, which should result in less spraying behavior. Since female cats can also spray, decrease the odds by having Fancy spayed.


Eliminate Smells

Getting rid of the cat urine smell can be challenging, but enzymatic cleaners can help. Eliminate smells on all surfaces Oscar previously marked, as this discourages him from spraying there again. Ask your vet if applying a feline pheromone in these spots will help, as this might encourage Oscar to mark the surface by rubbing it with his face, rather than peeing on it.


Additional Litter Boxes

Don’t let Oscar tell you he can’t get to his litter box in time. Knock down this logic by placing several more litter boxes in places Oscar visits often. If you have other cats, extra litter boxes will allow Oscar to do his important business without being stressed out by another nearby feline.


Mental and Physical Stimulation

Maybe Oscar needs a job, which translates into interactive cat toys or treat puzzles. If you keep Oscar occupied, he’ll have less time to think about spraying everything in sight. Also, give Oscar some extra playtime every day, and encourage others in your house to do the same.


Short-circuit the Conflict

In a multiple-cat household, perhaps Oscar is spraying as part of a standoff with another feline. If Oscar’s the only cat, but he’s desperately trying to battle a male cat he sees through the window, block that window or limit Oscar’s access to that room.


If you’ve tried every trick in the book, and Oscar is still regularly spraying down your house, don’t punish him as that can make the spraying worse. Take Oscar to your Brighton veterinarian for a behavioral counseling session. Your vet can help you eliminate this foul-smelling, unwanted behavior and make your home a more pleasant place to live.

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