Gerbil Habitat Guidelines

Creating and maintaining your gerbil Lucky’s habitat requires work and commitment on your part. Once you make him comfortable, though, your friendly little rodent will provide you with welcome companionship. Give Lucky a good start on life by taking him to your Brighton veterinarian soon after you bring your pet home. Your vet will give Lucky a complete physical exam, and can also trim his nails if necessary.


Room Climate

Think of Lucky as a miniature human, because you both prefer to live at room temperature. If your home doesn’t have air conditioning, purchase a temperature-controlled gerbil enclosure if possible. If that’s not feasible, circulate the air with fans, and place ice packs around Lucky’s enclosure. You really want to keep him from overheating.


First-Class Hotel

Little Lucky can live more safely in a one-piece aquarium, instead of a cage with bars that can break your little pet’s feet. Make sure the aquarium has good ventilation and a securely sealed top so your little escape artist can’t make a break for it. Line the aquarium with shredded paper towels, newspaper, or bedding made from recycled paper. Create a nice-sized paper mound in one corner, as Lucky is always ready for a good burrow.


Cage Furnishings

Now that Lucky’s got top-notch living quarters, furnish his home with a weighted food bowl and a water bottle you attach to the aquarium’s sides. Once he finishes his meal, he’ll want to play with an entertaining chew toy tailored just for gerbils. If Lucky tires of that, he’ll hop on his exercise ball, or perhaps take a few spins on his wheel. Choose a smooth-sided wheel so Lucky’s tail or feet don’t get caught in individual spokes.


Cleaning Duty

Keep Lucky’s enclosure squeaky clean by washing it weekly with soapy hot water. If you’ve got multiple gerbils residing in one enclosure (a larger one, of course), you’ll need to wash the enclosure more often.


Even if Lucky seems healthy, remember he should see his Brighton vet at least once each year, and preferably twice yearly. Because Lucky won’t have a long life span, you want to give him the best quality of life possible.

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