Birds for Beginners

Exotic birds can be quite expensive, and they almost always need complicated and attentive care. Depending on your household or family structure, a “beginner bird” might be a more appropriate choice. Do some research, and talk to your Milford veterinarian, before making any decisions on what type of bird to buy.

If you’re looking to purchase a pet bird, but don’t want to jump in to the large exotic varieties right away, consider these recommendations from your Milford veterinarian.


The canary is an excellent beginner bird. Unlike the finch, a canary will be perfectly happy by itself. As long as it has a decent-sized cage and plenty of food and water, it should be fine. They don’t require a lot of attention or interaction. If you’re a busy family, or one with younger children, owning a canary is very likely a good option. Male canaries sing, so you should decide beforehand if you want the noise of a songbird in your house.


Finches are small, inexpensive, and relatively easy to care for. They’ll need a good-sized cage with plenty of room to fly from perch to perch, but other than that they don’t require a whole lot of complicated equipment. Finches are, however, social animals and will need a companion—for this reason it’s recommended that you own two finches at a time.

Finches don’t require a lot of human interaction; in fact, they generally do not like to be handled or petted. If you and your family are okay with that, finches make great starter birds, especially for families with young children. Consult your Milford vet to see if he or she thinks a pair of finches would be a good choice for you.


The parakeet is a less expensive and less demanding parrot than larger macaws or cockatoos. They are generally more playful and interactive than finches or canaries, but they still don’t require an excessive amount of care to stay happy. They’ll be satisfied living without another bird companion. Parakeets can and will “talk,” though not at an ear-splitting volume.

Ask your Milford veterinarian for his or her recommendations on a beginner bird for you and your family. They can also give you a referral to a bird specialist, who can help as well. Do your research and choose wisely, and you’ll be happy with your feathered companion for years to come!


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